YOGI - Review

Two lessons that I learnt after watching yogi
  1. Never watch any movie with the same gang that watched THEE.
  2. Even though lesson 1 happens, never sponsor for the tickets.

Yet another director turns into an actor. This time its Aamir who joins the list of S.J Surya , Cheran, Sundar.C. Yogi,one who does anything for the sake of money,ranging from robbery till murder. Escaping from police after a robbery, he finds a baby inside the stolen car. How the intervention of baby, changes the destiny slum rowdy is the one liner of the movie.

Aamir, someone who took tamil cinema to different heights, failed miserably as an actor. Aamir's acting was decent, he wears jeans and dances, walkes throughout the movie like Billa, excessive buildup using BGM like pokkiri Vijay, dialogue delivery like paruthiveeran karthi, Hulk mannerism.. Even the characterisation is not portrayed clearly as aamir dances & laughs with his gang only during the initial song sequence & remains silent for the rest of the frames. Madhumitha has done a splendid performance, but it's aamir who occupies 90 percent of the frames. Though the songs doesnt stay with the mind yuvan has made his presence in the BGM's. But again 'Engayo ketta Padal' . Lyricist Snehan was so amateurish.One thing that really sucks is the amount of reality and originality, directors like Aamir & Bala want to showcase in their movies. The baby only knows to which extent it has been tortured. Reality really bites. Wonder how these scenes escaped censor. Cinematography was excellent.

Not as THEE , this time we managed to watch the full movie.

YOGI - Big disappointment from Aamir.

P.S : Read that Aamir's yogi is a frame by frame copy of Tsoti , an Oscar award winning african movie. Also this movie is selected to be screened at the Dubai film festival. Lets see wat Aamir has got to answer for this.

P.P.S : Planning to watch Dr.Vijay's Vettaikaran. Should clarify the doubt, is that Amazon falls or Niagara falls that he jumps in the trailers??


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Anonymous said...

You really have lot of guts machi!! without reading a review to watch movies like this!!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Wow...excellent review...you have written it so well...
saw few scenes of the movie in the TV..I could say that Madhumitha has acted well from those few scenes(ellam Aamir oda coaching :P)...padam parkanumndra aasai pochu(review padicha udane...) Thanks...

adhu ennanga Vijay edhu panninalume kindal adikireenga??!!!
yaaru dhan andha madhiri cinema industryla pannala??
rt from MGR,aayirathil oruvan padathila marathai thookuvare? can you believe that ?sivaji padathila rajini oda fighting namba mudinjicha??illala irundhalum paarthu rasikereengala...adhu madhiri than idhuvum...(chumma vendadha pondatti kai patta kutham kaal patta kutham ndra madhiri irukke...)

P.s: better please dont watch Vijay's vettaikaran....

P.p.s : trailer parthadhum naanum ninaichen Vijay ipdi edhachum panni dhan mattikaranu :P :P

Premnath said...


Mokkai padam pakarathu ennoda thappu illa.. Padam edukaravungaloda thappu.. Naan enna panna mudiyum..


Thanx .Athu onnum illa Dr. vijay nala pathikapatta pala per la naanum oruthan. Athan.