I was watching this movie last week. Even though the movie was not up to my expectations, it certainly made me remember those beautiful days of my life. This post is not a movie review, but all those sweet memories. So I thought why not archive it in blogosphere. So here I go.
"What's your ambition?" principle asked, during my admission interview for class 11. "I want to be a doctor " was my reply. Next question was "What if not ?". I replied with confidence "No I will". Looking back now makes me feel how funny this statement was. But still I don't get the reason why I wanted to be a doctor. It was my family who were more interested than me. I studied to my maximum that I even skipped the maths entrance classes to study biology. But I missed the medical seat by just 5 marks. Athavathu cut off la ye 5 marku mela venum :-) .

Managed to get GCT, information technology in counselling. One of the best decisions that changed my life totally. Being a student from biology background, chances of using the computer were very rare. Earlier in my life I ve used computer only few times for playing games. I was happy to see that only 6 out of 60 from my class were from computer background. So I thought I can samalichufy. Lot of doubts during first semester as "What is information technology?" "Why are we studying physics , chemistry , workshop?" "Why there is no computer related courses?" went unanswered. Syllabus in GCT are pity weird. Second sem we had our first computer theory & practical subjects. While other department students had C fundamentals, CS & IT ku straight ah C++(practicals) & OOPS. Ithula OOAD nu Mr.Grady Booch eluthina oru theory paper vera. KEYWORDS, VARIABLES, DATATYPES ellam puriyatha puthirave irunthuchu.

Being a autonomous institution rules for lab are " I dunno what you ll do, You have to get the output verified by next week". Computer ah pathiye onnum theriyathu ithula C++ vera. To add to it our first program was MATRIX OPERATIONS. Athuvum size of matrix vanthu (n*m) ah irukanumam. GOKUL was our only hope. Pet named "Moniter mandai" of our class. Though he is from biology background, he was good at programming. Ivara pathi sollanumna, while our interests shifted to circket in school days, his interest was on computer games. So programming la U-TURN ellam poduvan. Whole class copied his code. Yet another shock was waiting for me. The class was divided into 2 batches of 30 each, with myself being the first person in the second batch. It really hurts to be the first roll number. Every time you go first, not knowing anything, get the maximum scolding & later the staff realizes that its not only me but the entire class knows nothing. This is how it went for the first time

  Staff : " Boot the system"

  Me : "I dunno mam"

  Staff : "Don't you know this.? Switch on the system"

 Ore insult ah poochu. System ah on panrathuku peru than booting nu theriyama poche. The respect which my observation got was further worse, with code being written on both the sides, was thrown out of the lab. I also didn't last that long inside the lab. Viva apdinu ennanamo ketka, my only answer was "I don't know". I was also standing outside. Few moments later all my friends joined me. Standing outside the class, which I once considered as an act of guilt & moment of shame, now I was really enjoying this special moment. Even though life has changed much, with usage of words like no issues, ASAP, FYI and all other jargon's in everyday life, I couldn't resist laughing at those sweet memories of booting a system. Those were the best days of my life. Still more to come. Keep reading.

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