Have you ever fallen in love ?? Have you ever experienced the joy and pain given by love ?? Vinnai thandi varuvaya cherishes your old memories , makes you feel nostalgic, makes you happy for your successful love , makes you cry for your lost love. VTV captures all the emotions people go through when fallen in love. The script is simple , " Lovers, Different religions, Problems " . But the talent lies in filming it on screen for 2 hours without making the audience bored, and Gautam has succeeded in it.


Simbhu : Finally Simbhu can also act. People will be surprised to see the new Silambarasan, adaki vasichufying with no finger moments & punch dialogues. He plays the role of Karthi, an engineer passout aspiring to be a film director. The moment he falls in love with Trisha , the way he handles her parents , reacts to trisha's anger,voice modulation and climax emotions, Simbhu has shown maturity in acting. No exaggeration. Irunthalum valakam pola cycle gap la adikadi kiss ah potturar.

Trisha : Trisha has never been such beautiful. Credits to Gautam again. She looks like an angel with such a haunting beauty. Trisha kaha mattum ethana thadava venalum pakkalam. Plays the role of Jessi & portrays the girl next door image. So cute , So simple & so homely. Perfect cast and she emotes well, especially when she expresses her confusions about love to Simbhu.

Manoj Paramahamsa :
He has given a feel good experience throughout the movie. Be the clear waters and lake houses of kerala or the foreign locations , every frame looks fresh and crystal clear.

Simbhu's Friend : Though this character irritated me initially with his dialogue delivery, later with the course of the movie, he made his presence with his funny one liners making the audience laugh.

Gautam : Written and directed by Gautam. Needless to mention Gautam is good at penning love scenes which was evident in minnale and Varanam ayiram. VTV also has some notable love scenes. Simple characterization and effective dialogues like "Ivalo per irunthu nan yen Jessiya choose panninen ?? " fits in the apt places. Tried some twist in the end which most of the tamil audiences will not prefer as we are always used to happy ending.

AR Rahman: Well , When all the above mentioned positives tried their best to bring out the feel and emotion , it is this one man , the Mozart and his music , without which we wouldn't have felt any feeling. He scores right from frame one introducing Thrisha with the heavy bass guitar Aaromale prelude. Aaromale and Vinnai thandi varuvaya plays through out the movie. Hosanna and Omana penne were pictured beautifully. Aaromale finds the right spot and the guitar just touches you soul. Without Rahman , VTV is nothing.Bet me You can't resist humming the songs once you come out.


1. Most of the scenes have traditional Gautam's touch. The woo scenes are reminds of Varanam ayiram. You may find it boring at many places. The song sequences also have traces of his previous flicks.

2. As a general rule of Gautam's movie, people talk a lot of englipis.

3. Second half is little lengthy occupied with the remaining songs. Moving to a foreign location often slows down the pace of the movie. The fight scene is something which is unwanted.

4. Story wise there is nothing new to offer. For those who are interested in story and something new this movie will let you down for sure.

Final Verdict: Go for it. Sure you wont be dissapointed coz ARR & Thrisha worth watching. A feel good movie.

P.s: Getting crazy over Thrisha. Athan konjam over ah photos upload panniten.

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"Do you know Grammar?" She asked with a smiling face.
My eyes switched over from Chetan Bhagat's 2 state to Kamali,the little girl of standard Five.Again she asked " Do you know grammar?"
"Yes" I lied.
"What's the difference between homophones and synonyms?" She asked.
"Err what ?" I said. Even though I heard the question clearly.
"Ice and Eyes sound similar but they are different. That is homophone. Now what is Synonyms ?" .
I couldn't understand that was intentional or she wants to learn.
"Did you ever heard of the term 'அருஞ்சொற்பொருள்' in Tamil" I asked.
She gave a filthiest look on the term 'அருஞ்சொற்பொருள்' as if I have uttered any bad word.
My guess was that with such fluency in English , she should be doing her schooling in Bangalore and that weird look confirmed it . I knew continuing with my peter englipis wont last long, So switched my conversation to Tamil.
I was thinking how to explain this kid, she took the book from my hand and started turning pages.
Again a question popped up , "Why are you reading this book?"
This is the problem with kids. Lot of why's,what's and where's .
"I like reading. You will also be reading such books when you reach my age."
She read the cover page "2 states - The story of my MARRIAGE" and replied with a cunning smile "Now I understand why you are reading this book ".
I had nothing to answer for this.
She asked me a few puzzles as if I m in for any interview. I rely on Microsoft calculator rather than my algebraic qualities. There was no MS calc this time and entire coach was watching us and I had to prove myself to the kid & I did proved myself.
Before she asked anymore questions I asked " Whats you ambition?"
"Ambition na ?? "
"Your future goal?? "
"Ohh..You mean what I wanna become ?? I want to be a software engineer. Everyone in my family is a software engineer. I don't want to be a doctor. You know what,to become a doctor you need to study for 5 years. There are a lot of things to study also. I never want to be a doctor."
I never expected this answer from her. All I remember was I wanted to be a 1st rank holder. That was my only ambition till 9th. More worse is that when asked for "what is your ambition?" in self assessment form, my friend wrote doctor since he doesn't know the spelling for engineer.
But kids now a days are very intelligent. One thing was very clear, these kids are not just what we think they are. Their thoughts and maturity level are independent and far beyond our imagination.
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