Off late, one thing which I do very often is thinking about the good old college days. Software engineer ayitale ithu ellam sagacham thane..Recollecting college life always feels good. Few incident stays fresh in mind which we love to recollect very often and ofcourse campus placements in definitely one among them.

Dawn of third year, almost everyone of us were made to karachu kudichufy all the funda's of placements by our Placement Representatives ( ellam namma pasanga than, nanga P.R nu solluvom ). Entire year has been spent preparing for aptitude, doing G.D's and attending mocks. Ithu pathathunu sem leave ku kooda hostel la stay panni prepare pannanum nu P.R oda anbu thollai vera.

With the record recruitment made by TCS last year, getting recruited felt easy. TCS is everyone's favorite in college and even named as "Thaikalagam" coz getting a job in TCS was considered equivalent to government job. They recruit in bulks as if it looks like the recruitment being made for "The Chennai Silks". 90 % of our preparation was focused on cracking TCS, which went to the extreme that we mugged up entire verbal section of GRE Barrons 13th edition. Some were more worse or talented should I say?,could answer for 4th word in 153rd page.

TCS maintains the practice of not changing the question patterns over the years, so it felt like yet another class test to us. Almost 90 percent of my class cleared the first round. With more than 600 from college selected for the interview, and no one being sure of the count , all we wanted was to secure our place in the company by any means.

There I was clean shaved, tucked in , along with borrowed shoe & tie attire rehearsing gaptun's sen-sex paragraph dialogue "Damil natla motham" for Tell about yourself.There was no clue as of which panel among 100 plus, will be an elimination.Many panels interview didn last for more than 5 mins. Epdi than oru varusama padichatha 5 eh nimishatula la sollarathu...In other panels, people were made to sing, say josiyam, punch dialogue.. Many of us were jollu vittufying the H.R's .. Ranagalathalayum oru kilukilupu ketkathan seyuthu...I decided to enter in the 5 mins panel, but there was already a huge crowd mochufying as if they were in a ration shop to buy kerosene.

I was searching for the right panel till end of the day & realized that it is not gonna work and entered into what we called database panel.

There were four H.R's ready to screw me. words in bracket represents the actual things going thru my mind.

H.R : Tell about yourself ?

Me : Damil Natla motham #$@#$%%@#$@#$

Had a glance at my resume

H.R : How many chairs can you make from XXX wood pieces in ZZZ days blah blah blah ?

Me: { Carpenter ah vela pathu irupano } I dont understand the question sir.

H.R : You have XXX wood pieces, ZZZ days how many chairs blah blah blah ?

Me: {Active voice la irunthu passive voice ku sentence ah mathita purinjuduma } The question is not clear sir.

H.R : ZZZ days , XXX wood pieces, blah blah ??

Me: Still I didn get the question sir.

H.R : Ok Premnath, the answer is 60, can you arrive at this solution ?

Me: { Yenda question eh therila nu solren, apparam epdi answer ah solrathu } Took a paper nd pen, thought for few mins, " sorry sir I give up"

(Another lady H.R walked in)

H.R : What else you know Mr. Premnath ?

Me: { what else ah ?? , Ada pavingala, Oru question ku thana answer pannala ,athukullayum Onnume theriyathunu mudive pannitengala, athuvum puthusa vantha ponnu munnadi ipdi asinga paduthetengale } I am good at OOPS sir.

The interview went on for another half hour and I managed to confuse and convince them. As expected maximum count boarded the TCS lorry. I take this opportunity to thank our P.R's Balaji and Paramesh , without them, we would have never achieved 100 percent placement. Also special credits to third year toilet, which is the birth place of the famous "Prime Number Algorithm" played a crucial role in our placements.


One of the rare clicks during our placement preparation.

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