1. First day, first show, Just 50 rupees.

2. No signs of SUN PICTURES to purchase this movie.

3. Plenty of tickets available at 2'0 clock . Even no reservations are done.

4. Not more than 30 members in the theater among which 15 were us.

Ivalo irunthum nanga sarvam ponathuku ore reason - THRISHA. But again Poster la mattum pottu yemathitanunga. Vishnuvardhan should understand that only trailers & good cast will not be a crowd puller. Sarvam being named a romantic thriller, offers no romance with Arya trying to woo & impress Thrisha with his stupid moves & you cant call it a thriller when the plot can be judged within a few frames (if you ve watched lot of old tamil movies even few frames is more than enough). Another thumb rule of tamil cinema, if you cant derive at a plot to describe how hero is attracted towards heroine, go for love at first sight. Latest addition to that is to remix any of the Raja sir's BGM in the background. Arya gets attracted towards thrisha, roams behind her, makes all his stupid moves to attract her & finally succeeds in his love. Sometimes I wonder whether trying these will work in reality. ? There goes another parallel story, villan's revenge against the one who killed his family in an accident.

These two lines along with unwanted song sequences with Arya's funny steps, makes the first half of the movie. Eventhough there are several ways to connect these two plots, bloody director kills Thrisha and transplants her heart to the kid. This happens during interval. From there onwards Arya's only job is to save the kid from the villan for the next one hour. Thrisha & Arya has no big scope in this movie. Arya has done his part well, but for someone from Bala's School this is not enough. Only thing enjoyable in the movie is Nirav Shah's cinematography. Anyways the 50 bucks is worth for watching Thrisha's tatoo.. :-)

P.S : For those who expect a sizzling hot kiss, Remember Expectation always hurts.

Final Verdict - There are lot of better ways to spend 3 hours.

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Tired of thinking out various strategies to attract girls. Here are few products which can help to attract them or even make them run behind you. Try Bajaj XCD , AXE Effect, Fairever Handsome, Gillete Vector Plus and the list goes on. Ipdi than product ah advertise panranunga..This is how advertisement media works. A place where you can expose maximum creativity, follows this thumb rule, When creativity fails introduce women. Theriyama than ketkaren, bike vangina ponnu , body Spray use pannina ponnu , Shave pannina kooda ponnu correct ayidum nu enna logic la than yosikianunga nu puriyala. Oralavu Sumara irunthale, oru ponnum parkarathu , ithula Bike vangina pathu ponnunga odi varuma enna .. Dr .Vijay kitta poi sonnalavathu adutha padathuku intha scene ellam mindla vachukivar, . Vivek solra mathiri ithana spare parts la vikkatha vandiya ponna parkuthuu nu vangarathuu... Ketkaravan kena payala iruntha pothume ivangaluku.. Ithu ellathayum kooda sakichukalam, aana Minto Fresh Vangina Laila va impress pannalam nu oru advertisement podranungale, 20 varusha valkaila correct agatha laila va antha 50 paise mittai la correct aga poguthu..??

Intha out of the box thinking apdinu onnu ellam kidayathu pola.. Evano oruthan AXE natha marunthu adicha figure set ayidum nu aarambathula pottathu than... Aduthu varavan ellam athiye pidichitu thonga vendiyathu...Hamam soap vangave yosikaravan ku ,ethukunga AXE effectu ellam. Ivangaluku ellam recruitement process la logical thinking, reasoning ellam irukkanu theriyala.. Namma makala pathi yaruku theriyum, ithe idea la Software company market pannina, 10 or 15 customer vanthu product ah vanginalum vanguvan.. Apdiyachu recession kuranja seri..

P.S : Inthavideo va pathutu than, intha alavuku mokkai poda thoonuchu...


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Election vanthalum vanthuchu etho puthu padam release aana mathiri all TV layum ten minutes ku oru thadava advertisement oda aarambichiduthu.. Finished my dinner & was watching Dwyane Bravo smashing Appam's over all around the ground. As usual started switching channels during the starategy break, & was thinking what to blog, suddenly caught up with this flash news in Kalaingar TV.

முக்கிய செய்தி: சில தேசத்துரோகிகள் செய்த சதியால் மின்தடை ஏற்பட்டு உள்ளது. சரி செய்ய மின்னணு ஊழியர்கள் விரைந்துள்ளனர்.

There has been power cut for several months in TamilNadu and the results of all protests were similar as that of dead body ear la sangu oothifying. But now even with no one questioning, they are updating the status. Ever since election came up , people are given all the grants. Bus fare went down, regular supply of power, Switching of parties, blame game everything is happening here. Doesnt mean that it happens not only in TamilNadu, but the amount of humour & comedy they make is what really matters. Eventhough many channels are trying their best to publicise their leaders, I prefer watching JAYA TV coz it has decided not only to demote the kalaingar rule but also to kalaichufy kalaingar to the extent. Evalo alaga avaroda fasting ah match panni comedy panranga.. Room pottu yosipangalo...Top 10 comedies la first place ithu than..

My question is why should media broadcast these videos only during election times? Namma makkal kitta irunthu gentleman arasiyal ellam ennaiku than pakarathu.. Ofcourse we are also free pheonyl giving odane kudichufying gang.So namma big parupu mathiri pesa koodathu.. Intha thadava yavathu entha aarisikum , uluntha parupukum namma yemarama iruntha seri. Poruthu irunthu parpom...

Nan ivalo neram mokkai poda try panninathu puriyalai na intha video va parunga.. Simple but effective..

oru 10 mins strategy break la neram pogama poda aarambicha mokkai kadaisila pothu karuthu solra alavuku valanthuruchu...

Disclaimer : Election pathi eluthorome athuku sambanthama ethavathu photo podalamnu search pannina pothu first kidacha photo. Matha padi athukum intha post kum entha sambanthamum kidayathu ..


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Election varuthe makkaluku ethachum nallathu solluvom nu ellam kidayathu...Ootu podrangalo illayo correct ah itha mattum pannidranga pa... Ethana periyar vanthalum namma aalungala thirutha mudiyathu...

Courtesy - Dailythanthi.

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