This will be my last post for this year. 2008 is one of the special year for me, filling my life with most memorable & everlasting moments of life time. If the channels can show top 10 of 2008, then why not me ? So here goes my compilation of the events that made 2008 so special for me. Its not a countdown, but just a collection of few events.

INFOQUEST 08 - Every dream of an GCT- CSITA ian. Its our technical symposium organized only by the students of CSITA (Computer Science & Information Technology Association) . It turned out to be a great grand success with lot of participents & seniors turning up. One of the greatest moments which can never be expressed in words.

SAYONARA 08 - Our farewell function. 4 years of life in heaven came to an end in 2008. Still I can remember the day when tears were rolling down our eyes when Balaji (our PR, CR, All in all enga class ku ellame ivan than ) train started to move. Railway station la irunthavanga ellam ethuku crying nu puriyama engala pavama parthathu than highlight.

EMPLOYED - It had been tough times when everyone started their life journey, few guys were left behind waiting for call letters. I was forced to be a dhandasoru for 4 months, with everyone visiting my home asking the typical question when is my DOJ ? Few were not interested in me skipping TCS. Anyways at last I got a job, I got a project , I got salary. No worries.

MARRIAGE - Yet another unforgettable incident is the marriage function of Dhanalakshmi, enga classmate. First marriage in the ironicz (enga batch peru) batch. It was like a mini get together for us after parting for 2 months from college. The trip started with friends visiting my home followed by trip to kodaikanal, forced to go to madure karthik's home. The strength was full, even class la kooda ivalo strength average ah irukkathu.

GUITAR - Enakulla thoongitu iruntha isai kalaingana thatti elupinathu intha year la than. When I say guitar, the first question everyone asks was "Varanam ayiram effect ah ?". But it started when I saw "Rock on". A break from the daily routine of normal company life. It has been 2 months since I ve started playing. Etho oru A.R , Illayaraja alavuku illainalum, Harris range ku aachum vasikeren ippo. :)

BLOGGING - Long term goal has been achieved in 2008. Vetrikarama 2 years of planning ku apparam elutha aarambicha blog. Oru matter illainalum epadiyo samalichu 8 post kita eluthiten. Evalo than yosichalum nalla mokkai podra subject kidika matinguthu. Few friends whom I ve given credits in my first post stopped blogging itself. Ithuku karanam nan aarambichatha illa ennanu theriyala. Ethu epdi ponalum, prem elutharatha nirutha mattan. :)

RESOLUTION - Nothing big. Same as last year "Adutha new year aachum nalla resolution edukanum" .

Happy new year all.

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