Tamil Padam Review

When I commented Ayirathil Oruvan didn't meet my expectations, my friends said its because of the mixed reviews that I read before watching the movie. So I decided not to read any reviews on Tamil padam, next much expected release. That was the biggest mistake.

Tamil Padam is just a high budget high school skit, with bits and pieces of movie spoofs that doesn't stick together to meet the expectations that the trailer has created. The director has picked the scenes that he wanted to spoof and some how tried to bake a story out of it. So the movie hangs out at some places with irrelevant scenes and story telling. More than 60 percent of the spoofs were a plain mokkai and irrelevant especially those of nattamai scenes , cinema patti , raping a boy, climax fight and a lot more. Except for few one-liners & spoofs none of the scenes were rib tickling.

The only best thing that we did was not opting for multiplexes. Also my sincere apologies to Guru, who came to the movie just because of me and was in ultimate kolaveri after watching this.

Plus :

1. Mirchi Siva: Dialogue delivery and modulation being his added advantage, occupies the entire frame. Even though few scenes are bloody mokkai , his body language saves some laughter.

2. Kannan : Only music reduces the irritation the movie. All songs match perfectly to the mood and especially ' Oh Magazeiya ' was a super melody yet wasted .


1. Nakul, Siddharth, Bharath: Are these characters added up just because they add some more hype & expectation to the movie. The trio doesn't have anything to deliver but to cracks jokes which makes the audience irritated.

2. Dhisha : Adding up to the irritation factor is the heroine. Her on screen presence sucks. Yet another north Indian product who doesn't know to act , never tried to act btw. Looks like director should have given a bubble gum and adjusted in the rerecording.
Instead of stomach ache all we got was a head ache.

Final Verdict
- Wasted 3 hrs + 60 Rs + 1 hr for writing this post [ When I started writing this my roommate said padathuku time waste panninathe perusu ithula ithuku vera time waste pannanuma, so adding that as well].
The trailer is far more better than the movie.

I hope GOA doesn't disappoint me.


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Parameshwar Ramanan said...

Dai.. Naanum unnoda "Naan Kadavul" review la irundhu paathutu iruken always "Not meeting expectations"ah. Ejatly unga expectations ennanu solla mudiyuma..

Anyway good review!

Premnath Thirumalaisamy said...

Enna panrathu...Expectations differ for each movie.. Semma comedy ah irukkum nenachu ponathu .. Entire theater was in the same state as me..

Unknown said...

Aaamada prem indha padam kodumai layum kodumai thaan..

But this film stands next only to THEE.

viky said...

well said da! 3 mins trailer is best than 2.30 hrs whole flick it jus mean only 3 mins is worth part of whole 2.30...en mikka nanri to tamilthunder.com illana theater pakkam poi 100rs tharsu ayirukum....
expecting ur GOA review..!

Premnath Thirumalaisamy said...

Thanks yo.. Nalla vela nee thapichuta..Should have written fr goa once i watched. Ippo no mood to write dude. Watch Tamil Padam and then watch goa, you will like Goa. :)