I can't believe how fast a year has passed. It feels like yesterday when we landed in Bangalore with our luggage's for start our career as a fresher. This day marks our one year completion in and so much has happened in the past year.
  • First day experience was a total crap..Fell as a prey for bloody house brokers...Parthone epdi than ilichavayan nu kandu pudikaranungalo.. Eluthi otti irukkum pola.. We were so innocent that we believed madiwala is at walkable distance from BTM.. Gave token advance but later realised that it was worthless to pay for it.. Well it was a little late :-). First day in Bangalore , total loss- 10k . Presently residing at a place close to the old one. Every time we cross that house, nayagan background music plays :-(
  • Learned the art of cooking. Started from no where, tried out a few fatal experiments like boiling rice without water etc,etc but finally what matters is that even I learned to cook. But anyways my frnz feel that I am gud at cutting vegetables rather than cooking.. :-)
  • My taste buds which have been accustomed so far only to traditional Aryabavan & Amman mess, got a lot to explore & experience ranging from Bengali to Punjabi, Chinese to middle east cuisines, KFC, McDonalds. But almost a year & still I find it difficult to adjust to Bangalore pongal in a semi solid state with thayir pachadi combo.
  • Almost 75 percent of the weekends were spent roaming in the FORUM & MG Road. It really hurts to watch the harry potter mandayans varuthufying with the bangalore babes. Life la oru 22 years ah waste pannina mathiri oru feeling..

  • This post wouldn't be complete, if I didn't even mention a single word about Guitar. Started of with great enthusiasm , bunked 3 months , changed tutor and finally snapped a string also. Guitar kathukiteno illayo , I ve become an ardent fan of Maestro Raja Sir.
  • Amidst these one important thing to be noted is that , ennada kadantha 1 year la work ah thavira ella vetti velayum pannitu irukkane nu nenaikathenga. Mathathu ellathayum sollitu intha mathiri important matter ah ellam archive pannale na epdi. sarithiram miga mukkiyam illaya.. [Future la namma oppicers yaarchum padichangana appraisal ku useful ah irukkum.]
  • Both the beginning and the year end share the similar events. Except during the end the loss is much higher than the former . 7 1/2 Satan has played its pranks.. This post shares the information behind the scenes.

Not a fresher anymore :-(. Expecting a great year ahead. While I pen down this my media player plays

சொர்கமே என்றாலும் அது நம் ஊரைப் போல வருமா?
அட என் நாடு என்றாலும் அது நம் நாட்டுக் கீடா ஆகுமா?


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