Disappointed. This is what I felt after watching Nan kadavul. Despite the huge build up for this movie - bala direction , 3 years of work, Arya sacrificing more than a year in his career for this movie, it didn impress much.

Few parts which I loved about the movie

BALA - Credits to him for always trying to do something different, rather than sticking to the default principles of tamil masala. Every frame we can see his perfectionism speaking. He is the real hero of nan kadavul. Really liked his guts for portraying the reality of mafia begging. Yet another national award will be in his bag.

Physically challenged people - Doesnt seem like these people are in front of the camera for the first time. Real professionalism in acting. People (So called hero's) like J.K Rithish, Santhanu & few others of kollywood ivangala parthavathu nadika kathukita seri. The timing comedy made by these characters are a real plus for this movie.The comedian who accompanies vadivelu, will be now recognised for his splendid performance as a character artist.

- Technical values were given much importance. Being the visuals of kasi or the rusty environment of the temple, the cinematographers have done well.

Villan - Raghuvaran ku aduthapadiya nan parthu bayanthathu intha villan than. Good choice for the role.

Why the movie doesnt impress much .

Arya - He had nothing much to do.His portion comprises of Growing long hair & beard, Staring the camera, Thalakila nikkarathu & shouting aham brahmasmi, fight sequence.Ithellam vachu arya nalla nadichar nu sollida mudiyathu. Traces of Pithamagan can be seen at few places of the movie. Could not pictuarise thala performing as Rudra especially in topdown posture...

Story - As usual pala idathula logic puriyala. Better Bala should have taken seperate documentary portraying the life of Agories & the life of begger, mafia. He ended up messing both leaving the audience confused. If u can bare Vijay oops Dr.Vijay jumping from Guindy to Thambaram, Gaptun doing major surgery using mobile light, appo ithu ellam oru periya matter eh kidayathu.

With promo's & trailers making huge expectation among the audience, the momentum goes off once the pichaipathiram starts. Nan kadavul is not a entertainer.

Final verdict - Watch it.. Atleast for Bala..

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