"If something can go wrong,by all means it will" - Murphy. What will you do if You wake up and find that everything happens goes against your will ??

1. Woke up early morning just to find out that laptop was stolen.

2. Searched for mobile & figured out that it was already gone.

3. For the first time, my friend went for bird watching & jogging. He was in a dilemma whether to carry his phone. But last minute decision was "no". We never locked the door from inside & the heavy breeze left the doors open.

4. Thief managed to reach till the second floor, came in with ease & walked across the room picked up the laptop bag. Ivalo nadanthum nanga 2 perum cow(erumai nu epdi yen vaayala sollarathu) mela rain water falling effect la kuppura paduthu thoongitu irunthom..

5. All the study materials inside the laptop bag were left behind beside my bed. Later that night we found out that the charger which was plugged to the wall was also picked. The expected use case is that, during exit he should ve noted the charger. Since the bag was full & it cant accommodate the charger, he should ve thrown out all the study material stuffs. Unfortunately, the mobile was lying at the place where he left the notebooks.

Fate, Carelessness, Bad luck you can name it anything, but anyways gone is gone. :-(

As per the sources,to file an FIR you should take a person who can converse in Kannada with the police. If not you will end up getting more abuses than expected from police. We were given a template and asked to write a complaint letter. By reading the template one thing got cleared, this is a usual activity in Bangalore, coz the scenario in it was exactly a ditto of ours with the only change being name & address. Bad luck didnt stop there, on return my friend who was already tensed forgot his mobile in the police station. Searched the police station & later it was a constable who had our mobile phone. "Oru mobile phone ah ye ivalo careless ah tholaikarenga, neenga ellam ...." apdinu aaatha aarambichavar than summa aaathu aaathu nu aaathi irukkar. What to do avaroda time, kai ya kattikitu vaya pothikitu lecture ah ketka vendiyatha pochu.

There is no way that we can get the things back. But by writing this, I feel at least a few will get alerted.

For those who are staying in bangalore - Neenga careless ah irukenga nu naan solla varala, innum careful ah iruntha nalla irukkum nu than solren...

P.S: My blog turned 1 today.. 18 posts, 1865 hits,320 profile views... Not bad for a starter.. :-)


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