Thee - No smoke, No fire.

Before watching this movie I had plans to write a review for this. But I had a feel of guilt & wanted not even a single word named 'Thee' should be ever mentioned in my blog. Things have changed, after I watched Sun TV top 10 movies today where Thee was given first place & being praised for its technicality & social awareness..Sun pictures has tried everything to promote this movie. Hope after reading this post, I can save at least a few from watching this movie.

This movie has several firsts in my life. First time I felt I've wasted 3 hours in my life. First time I tried to leave the theater before interval & forced to stay & managed to escape by climax. Bala , Manirathnam ellam tamil cinema va vera stage ku kondu poga try pannitu iruntha, intha mathiri aalunga lam enga irunthu than varangalo theriyala.. Itha produce panni promote panna SUN pictures vera..

Speaking about the story, which I am still trying to figure out, Sundar.C plays the role of strict police officer who appears everywhere when something bad happens.With large amount of girl fans following, Sundar.C appears nude in his intro scene. He gives plenty of advices to the public & tries to change the society. As expected he gets punished for his honesty & gets his family dead. As usual hero does a get up change & enters into the villans place & punishes them. Epdi MGR meesai vacha oru getup meesai illama oru getup, apdinu character difference kamikara mathiri, Sundar.C also tried showing some difference by cutting his hair for the politician role. Eppo than intha trend ah matha porangalo. Instead of taking revenge, Sundar.C keeps on shouting mokkai dialogues which leaves the audience irritating. This movie has nothing except headache to offer to the viewers. Sundar.C covers almost 70% of the dialogue & u can find him in almost every frame. Camera man has tried his best to cover uncovered parts of Namitha by all angles, who plays an additional role of a actress controlling politicians accompanied by her usual stuffs ( Swim suit, Item number, Doing Jilpansss ki kilpansss with hero). One thing for sure intha mathiri producer,director irukara varaikum Namitha market koraiyave koraiyathuu.

After interval, vera padathula okkantha mathiri oru feeling, as there is an entire set of new crew in the second half. Ithula en pakathula ukkanthanvan vera "Enna machan innum 'Kathal vaibogame' patta kanom nu??" oru kelvi. Enga nelamaiya nenachuu alugaratha sirikaratha nu theriyala.. Seems Namitha has maintained good chemistry, biology on screen with Sundar.C leaving the viewers confused as wat film they are watchin.

Srikanth Deva has done his part of irritating the audience . Better its time for him to stop making music. Sivaji would have shot him dead if he watched or heard the remix of his song 'ka - ka ' followed by the lyric 'valliyama valliyama' sung by Great DEVA. Atleast Gaptun, J.K Rithish,Sam Anderson or vijay would have guarenteed some laughter but this movie is a real sucker.

Final Verdict - Intha padatha parkarathu pathil thee kulichuralam. Watch it at your own risk.

மொத்தத்தில் தீ - பார்பவர்கள் வயிற்றில்