COW-BOY returns !!!!

Can't think of a better example to explain how far technology has reached people. Enga ooru pattukaran, Karakatakaran ,Mattukaran intha varusai la adutha avathar of Ramarajan is computerkaran. At the current market level where every hero is showing getup change, ramrajan has bought a new look by eliminating his trademark potta potti & blue towel....Few possible story lines

1. village background la maadu meichutu irukura ramarajan, senbagam(maadu perunga) oda
products ah globalisation pannarathukaha e-bay la account create panni epdi google oda compete panrar nu irukkalam.

2. Mattukaran turned into IT minister to deal with the Recession & downfall of Indian economy.

Whatever happens ,this movie for sure is gonna be a box office comedy of the year. will ramarajan be able to introduce his sentimental cow in this techno filled movie??. Wait till the movie release..