Ideas to Popularise Blog

Earlier when I started to blog, the only thing in my head was to fill in the page with some crap. Later this guy had changed my mindset and diverted me to participate in Adsense program. Offlate I have been doin some homeworks on adsense, SEO optimisation and other stuffs to promote my blog. Decided to share some weird ideas to increase traffic to your website.

1. Set the browser's homepage to your blog address and write to vijay T.V, saying that whenever you open the browser this page shows up. Sure to get one hour show named "Computeril Pei- 2" in Kutram- Nadanthathu enna.

2. Using blog url's can be a better option than bad words in common toilets.

3. When asked for name or address, give them your blog address and tell them they can find your name there. Likewise Update your resume .

4. Vadivel mathiri pora edam ellam, "Ellarum pathukonga Naanum blog eluthuren, Naanum blog eluthren.." nu koovite poonga.

5. Tail every outgoing message with bold 24 pointed blog address.

6. Set blog url as your Custom message in all IM's & Social n/w's.

7. Final yet effective, if your blog is too worse that no one can read, then distribute it to SUN Pictures. Your blog will be broadcasted atleast 1000 times/day along with "Vizhi moodiyum" .

Vera ethachum ??


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assathish said...

Itha appadiyae tanjavur kalvettu la eluthitu pakathula otkarnthuko .. unakku pinnadi vara santhathigal parthu purinchi nadanthupakanga ...

Anand said...

evanaachu google la indha link a parthu inga vandha sema kaduppu aavan... he he

Anonymous said...

Opulently I to but I think the list inform should acquire more info then it has.