Sam Anderson Unleashed

Every king will be replaced by another.The fight for the crown continues till eternity.
Wondering what am I talking about. Its the crown which every hero in kollywood aims at. Its the SUPER STAR crown. The tamil film industry has finally discovered the real super star.The super hero. The ONE. No words to describe his talents.

A local lad from ERODE has stunned the kollywood industry by his awesome performance in his debut movie 'Yaruku Yaar'. His debut strongly delivers a message to Indian cinemas. Yes he is the only hope, only dream for oscars.No more Khans and Bhachans. Yes he is none other than SAM ANDERSON. Also called as sandy, sammy , andy , sam he has achieved great heights which no other actor in world cinema can achieve. Ranked equal to Al pacino, Brad pitt, Russel crowe, Jhonny depp many are still in a confusion why this rising star chose tamil film industry. Rajnikanth is quite confused what to do to sustain his position. It took a lot of time for ulaganayagan to showcase his talents in various movies. With a single movie SAMMY destroyed all those images through his multiple talents which includes dance, dialogue delivery, scene presence, dressing sense, English knowledge and wat else. Gaptuns conditions are even worse. All the fame earned through youtube are erased by a single video. Even google ranks Sam anderson first out of 791,000. Great achievement indeed. Fans are flooding to join sam anderson fan club in orkut. I was cursing myself for not knowing his presence. Credits to my friends. Still wondering whom this guy is, then take a look and leave ur comments.