The Road Not Taken

Hi Folks,Happy to inform you all that my "do-nothing" life comes to an end by this July. Yes ,I am gonna be a corporate from aug 4th. No more DHANDASORU,VETTI and all those stuffs. Got recruited for TCS and EMC Corporation, Banglore. Feeling a bit sad to miss my friends and our THAIKALAGAM TCS. Heard from my friends that corporate life sucks and they find no time to enjoy. Just now finished all my formalities related to my company.Some of them were filling in the employee details, which had declerations relating to who will be receiving the P.F in the event of my death. Ada pavingala innum valkaiye aarambikala athukullayum death ku apparam nadakaratha pathi yosika aarambichutengala da..

Got my tickets reserved in a II tier Ac [ Company Sponser ] on aug 2nd. This is my second visit to Banglore. First visit happened a week ago, leaving us with bitter experiences. We almost ended up spending a 10k,worth nothing. Well atlast all we could say is "Vidra Vidra Suna pana".It needs a seperate post. Worst part is that I was down with fever after return. Lost a few kgs. For all the efforts that i put up for 2 months to increase my weight, ellam rende naal la waste ah pochu. Hope this time everything goes fine and I do blog regularly. Meet you all in my next post as a corporate.



Narasimhan said...

Hii macha,

LOL,Good post. BEst wishes from thaikalagam member .; ITs true,corporate life sucks big time. Good luck ,man. And reg ur weight,take care not to lose more.
Keep blogging machi

Premnath said...

Thanx simha...But food s not gud here...Ll try no to lose any more weight...